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About Nikki and Tony

Nikki and Tony Doan, MA and LCPC, provide therapy in Barrington, Illinois.

When they work with you, Nikki and Tony will create a customized plan for therapy that works for your situation and goals in therapy. As your therapists, they will help you learn to see your life from another angle and use your innate strengths to face your challenges and reach your goals.

Tony and Nikki are warm, down to earth, and approachable. Therapy is carried out in a comfortable and trusting environment where you are the focus.

If you are stuck and need help making tangible changes in your life, Doan Counseling offers solution-focused therapy to help you reach your potential.

For help reaching your goals and creating a positive change in your life, contact Doan Counseling today. Call to make an appointment or fill out the contact form and press Send.

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